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5 Most Important Questions to Ask Your Paint Contractor Before You Hire Them!

Who doesn’t like a fresh looking living or working space? One way to achieve that is to get a new paint job. This will not only increase the curb appeal but may also increase the chances of getting your property sold faster, should that be the case.

For these reasons, you must find the right contactor for the job. You don’t want a commercial paint contractor that will do an average job, you want one that is masterful and knows his craft well.

Referrals are great; and asking the right questions will help you hire the right person for the job. So, what are the questions that you must ask before hiring a commercial paint contractor?

1. Do you have customer referrals and Testimonials?

Any Commercial Paint Contractor worth their paint brush will not hesitate to provide referrals and testimonials. You may ask for numbers to verify the information too. Just be wary of these testimonials being only from” Friends and Family”.

2. Do you have worker’s insurance?

If a worker is hurt while on your job, the property owner may be held financially liable. So, always ask to see their insurance policy. Commercial paint contractor’s policies must be renewed every year.

3. How will my property be prepared for the paint job?

This is an extremely important question and be sure to ask for a detailed check-list. For example, what repairs must be made before the paint and how many workers there will be at one time?

4. How much will the entire paint job cost?

Always ask for a detailed price list/invoice which lists the supplies as well as labor costs. Of course, there is always a chance that supply costs fluctuate; so ask ahead to make sure you take that in account while budgeting for the job.

5. Do you provide a warranty for your work?

A paint job done using premium quality products should last unto 10 years depending on the weather conditions in the area. A vague warranty is meaningless- get it in writing!

These questions will help you decide on which Commercial Paint Contractor would work for you. To wrap up, make sure you also get a phone number that will definitely be answered.

One Commercial Paint Contractor in Michigan that checks-off on all these questions is Woodbrook Painting and Power washing. Call us at 248.624.8888 to get your estimate!!